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Rain Aircraft - special system of artificial rain-making aircraft

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  • Type:Cargo Airplane
  • Condition:New
  • Year Built:2018
  • Green:cost save
  • useful:smart
  • Supply Ability3 Unit/Units per Year
  • Packaging Detailsnude packing
  • PortChina main airport
  • Lead Time:Quantity(Units)1 - 3>3Est. Time(days)365
  • The biggest and most advanced system for aircraft artificial precipitation enhancement 

    Life cycle time 60000 flight hours

    Full-fuel flight range more than 3000 km

    2 flight crew system

    A flight time up to four hours

    Bigger working space like VIP business aircraft carry more people and storage equipments

    The special ETOPS system allow additional 120 minutes flight time, long flight radius and air endurance time long

     Equipped with special system of artificial rain-making aircraft against drought area and long time dry weather

    Forest fire-fighting aircraft in water scarcity land and artificial rainfall can quickly put out the fire, decreasing the forest fire disaster frequency especially during hot and long drought weather

    Improving local weather condition, increasing the water storage capacity

    Installation of operation condition detection equipment

    Catalytic seeding equipment

    Air-ground data transmission system

    Cloud macro imaging system

    General work management system

    Integrated center display console

    Ground support system

    35% less fuel than world other kinds of turbo-fan aircrafts, green energy-saving, low emission

    10-20% lower operation cost than world other type turbo-fan aircrafts

     Low maintenance cost

    Remote sensing and aerial research services planes

    Aircraft marine life-saving capability

     Mother basic aircraft can be derived to multi-purpose aircrafts,

    Passenger cargo planes,

    VIP business planes,

    Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA)

    Airborne early warning and control system (AWACS)

    Emergency and Medical rescue planes

    Special cargo and transport planes (can load 6100kgs)


    Wider adaptability on airfield ground or airport facility

    Can easily take off and land on meadow airfields or gravel runways, save huge construction cost for airport ground support facility

    More advanced aviation electronic system

    Add maritime survival functions for island countries

    Comfortable and wider seats and fresh air journey

    Good aerodynamic layout

    Longevity design

    High fuel efficiency

    Good weather condition adaptability

    Designed, produced, and tested in line with leading international standards

    More integrity, maintainability, compatibility with trunk aircraft

    Strong background and good reputation and service support system give more value, options and solutions for users

    Safe, reliable, matured and multiple use platform and continuing improvement ability benefit all new and old users.