Cuban Segundos

If you know a little about the lingo of the cigar maker and the cigar aficionado, you may frown initially if you see a product advertised as a “Segundo” (Second), because it might suggest inferior quality. But nothing could be further from the truth!

Instead of looking at Segundos as substandard products, it’s better to view them as “one-offs,” the cigar equivalent of an outlet store item. Segundos are called such mainly because they have some sort of blemish that distinguishes them from the cigars declared to be Primeros by the quality-control man at the cigar factory.

But those blemishes (thankfully) don’t affect the flavor and overall quality of the Segundo. Though the high-end cigar connoisseur may turn up his nose at the unbanded Segundo, the value-seeking cigar lover will still appreciate the Segundo, which may not be considered worthy of the maker’s mark but is still a worthwhile and satisfying smoke.